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75 Hour Basic Certified Nurse Assistant

CNA, certified nurse assistant, healthcare, nursing

Embark on a fulfilling healthcare career with our comprehensive 75-hour Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) course, designed to equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge in patient care.

This intensive two week program is offered Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm (clinical times may vary). Participants will receive 30 hours in-person lecture, 15 hours of simulated patient practice in our simulation lab, and 30 hours of hands-on training during supervised clincal exeriences.

Our CNA's learn how patient hygiene, vital signs monitoring, communication techniques, and safety protocols. Our expert instructors ensure a supportive and dynamic learning environment. By the course's conclusion, CNA participants will be well-prepared to excel in the demanding yet rewarding role of a Certified Nurse Assistant, and ready to contribute to the healthcare field with competence, caring, and compassion.

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