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Patient and Nurse

Home Health Aide State Competency Training & Testing

HHA Training & Testing

9-Core State Required Competencies

Cost: $1500 per student

(includes training & testing)

  • Reading & Recording Vital Signs

  • Bathing & Hair Care

  • Nail Care & Skin Care

  • Oral Hygiene

  • Safe Transfer Techniques & Ambulation

  • Normal Range of Motion & Positioning

  • Toileting & Elimination

  • Recognizing & Reporting Skin Conditions

  • Effective Communication Skills

Written Test & Return Demonstration

9-Core State Required Competencies

Cost: $300 per student

(testing only – written & skills)

Training & Testing Beyond Core Competencies Is Available!


Individual Skills & Written Testing

We can test your employees on their HHA skills and knowledge. Our testing covers the Core Competencies required by the State of Iowa. Call or email to discuss scheduling. 


Group Skills Training

We can train your existing employees or new emplyees how to be excellent caregivers in the home. Train in our simulation lab on equipment and skills your emplyees will experience in the field. 


Group Instruction

We offer full training on all competencies your emplyees will need to know to be efficient, knowledegeable, and loving caregivers. Our institute will shape your employees into the best caregivers around. 

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